About Us

Nam Ho Mall is a Marketplace for Indian Travel Industry professionals. The aim to launch such industry specific platform is to consolidate the sellers who were working as Travel professional but forced to diversify due to COVID19 pandemic. With this initiative hopefully, we will be able to build online synergy between/among various Travel Agents turned new business units. Majority of travel business units are diversifying for the survival but not able to get desired results. With a common platform and synchronised efforts, we will do transactions together without spending too much money on marketing and promotions.

At Nam Ho DMC we are running DMC businesses for Singapore, Malaysia & Australia and already having B2B Travel Agents network of more than 5000 business units which are quite active and big enough as a market for potential products. Nam Ho Mall will be open to these partners for all products in our first phase of business. Eventually, it will open beyond this network.

So, let us be Your Partner for All!