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Counseling Service

Anxiety Counseling, Depression Counseling, Stress Management, Relationship Counseling

Maths Tuitions for class 6th 7th and 8th CBSE and ICSE board

Four days classes in a week/ children can ask doubts after class also thru phone or whatsapp.




Numerology Consultancy

Fortunate are those,who find right direction at right time & become successful in personal & professional lives.Majority of us live a life without direction or improper direction leading to stress & struggle.Moreover,we do not have any clue or authentic mean to correct course of our life.We are not aware of our hidden potential & talents that are capable of giving us a successful & happy life.Based on your date of birth,the science of numbers called Numerology can do this for us in a very effective manner.It can declutter our mind,show us the clear path ,identify our strengths & weaknesses & plug the gaps with effective & easy remedies.For an exciting & never before chat + phone session,connect via whatsapp at 9354245748 .